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Upsell and Bump Offer Templates

Upsell and Bump Offer Templates

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This Upsell and Bump Offer Templates pack includes a brainstorming worksheets, upsell sales page template, bump offer sales template and 3 product graphic template to help you and/or your customers with upsells and bump offers.

YES, Private Label Rights Use Included! Our Templates come with PLR rights, so that means you can use them in your own business, but can also share them with your customers and clients, with our usual terms of use and license.

The Documents Included in this Package:

Product Funnel Brainstorming Worksheet (3 pages): This handy brainstorming worksheet helps you work out what you will offer as an upsell and bump offer. It helps you with
  • promotion ideas
  • determining which products work best as upsells or bump offers
  • finding complimentary products you already have
  • seeing which products are frequently bought together
    Upsell Sales Page Template (1 page): This handy template makes it easier to quickly get your upsells up and ready to go. Use it as a guide for creating your own upsell sales page.

      Bump Offer Template (1 page): The bump offer template may look simple, but it’s designed to help you easily see how to set up a simple bump offer.

      Product Bundle Graphic Template (3 Images): Created in PowerPoint for ease of use, this template shows how to lay out and see the value of a large package.

          Files Included in your templates package:

          • 1 brainstorming sheet in .docx format
          • 1 brainstorming sheet in PDF format
          • 2 bump and upsell templates in .docx format
          • 2 bump and upsell templates in PDF format
          • Product Funnel Graphic templates in PPT & PNG format
          • Terms of use / license certificate

          Using the Content for Your Business? Some Ideas for Using Your Content:

          • Print the templates and keep them in a business-building binder that you can refer to over and over again. 
          • Save the documents in a business templates folder on your computer, so that you can use them as you need.
          • Be sure to join us in the EKithub Facebook Group if you haven't any questions about implementing the templates in your business. We are always happy to help.

          Sharing with Customers and Clients? Some Ideas for Using Your Content:

          • Use them as part of a course you create or add them to an existing course or training program.
          • Publish them as free downloads on your website, either freely available or for opt-in.
          • Build on the worksheet and checklist to create a larger workbook for sale.
          • Create a resource library for your subscribers or paid members and add these useful printables. 
          • Offer them as a bonus when signing up for a program or purchasing a product.
          • Edit the text and/or design any way you wish.
          • Add your logo, name and other branding as you wish.

          Understanding Your Private Label Commercial-Use Rights:

          If you plan to share the content, we've also included this useful extra with personal use only...

          • "How to Grow Business with Worksheets and Checklists" Insider's Guide. This guide helps you with:
            • 10 ideas for publishing your worksheets and checklists
            • Using worksheets and checklists to grow your list, including 8 ways to promote your free offer
            • How to turn your worksheet and checklists into a workbook for sale
            • How to turn your worksheet and checklist into a course for sale
            • How to turn your worksheet and checklist into a printables bundle for sale
            • How to get access to our complete and free email marketing course + templates
            • How to get ongoing help and support in using your content, creating products and marketing your business
          • Tips for editing your content
          Free Bonus Access!  "Make More Money Per Sale" that covers: 
          • Changing your mindset to make more per sale AND offer MORE value to your customers
          • Understanding product funnels
          • Creating product bundles
          • Creating upsells
          • Creating bump offers
          • Putting Together High Ticket Offers
          • Creating Launch Buzz

          In your PLR package, you'll find a link to access a personal use in-depth lesson on this topic, so that you can make the most of the template pack. It will also give you the knowledge you need to use the templates, so you can then teach your customers too.

          Crafting Upsells and Bump Offers Can Reap the Following Benefits:

          • Increased Revenue: Upsells and bump offers can significantly increase your average order value, leading to higher revenue per customer.
          • Enhanced Customer Experience: By offering relevant upsells and bump offers, you can enhance the customer experience by providing additional value and solutions to their needs.
          • Improved Profit Margins: Upsells and bump offers often have higher profit margins since they are additional purchases made by customers who are already buying from you.
          • Better Customer Segmentation: Upsells and bump offers allow you to segment your customers based on their preferences and purchase behavior, enabling you to offer more targeted and personalized offers.
          • Increased Customer Lifetime Value: By encouraging customers to purchase more from you, upsells and bump offers can increase the lifetime value of each customer.
          • Boosted Conversion Rates: Upsells and bump offers are often highly relevant and timely, which can lead to higher conversion rates compared to general offers.
          • Enhanced Product Awareness: Upsells and bump offers can help customers discover other products or features that they may not have been aware of, increasing overall product awareness.
          • Competitive Advantage: Offering upsells and bump offers can give you a competitive advantage by providing additional value that your competitors may not offer.
          • Encourages Repeat Purchases: A positive experience with upsells and bump offers can encourage customers to make repeat purchases in the future.
          • Improved Cash Flow: Upsells and bump offers can help improve your cash flow by bringing in additional revenue from existing customers without incurring significant additional costs.

          So be sure to grab your funnel templates to put your ideas to work.

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