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You're always in great hands with Shop EKits and EKitHub. We create done-for-you content and help you with more tools and training along the way. We love making your iife easy and easing you SUCCEED!

Incredible! Dr. Bates made $35K using our content

WOW! Dr. Bates made $35K with our products

Lars Loves Our High Quality PLR and The Knowledge We Share

Lars loves our PLR and training

Vicki Says Our Content is Second to NONE

Our content is second to none!

Doria Says We Make Entrepreneur Life EASY! 

Doria says we make internet business life easy

Pardon the Auto-Correct, But Fran Says EKitHub Has Quality Product for Solopreneurs

Quality products for solopreneurs

Ryan loves our done-for-you content and is now digging into our training too.

Ryan loves our done-for-you content and is now digging into our training too.

Ron Uses Our Templates and Makes Just a Few Tweaks to Make Them Just Right

Ron loves working from our templates...and just needs a few tweaks for his target market.

What Kristie told us after becoming our customer and joining our group <3 

Kristie says we're one of her answered prayers

“They always over deliver and under promise”

Customer Feedback

“Creating incredibly well-thought out products”

Customer Feedback

“Ekit Hub never ceases to amaze me”

Customer Feedback

“I've been able to scale my business in ways I never thought possible”

Customer Feedback

“Incredible content & incredible prices”

3Ryan Entrepreneur's Kit Hub “Thanks! I just “discovered” you guys last night. Incredible content & incredible prices, overall.”

Ryan Miller


“It gives a lot of inspiration and is very helpful”

Customer Feedback

“Glad to have found you”

deb Entrepreneur's Kit Hub “Alice and Yusef the interview is awesome. You both embrace the ideals and strategies that are good for people and not the scammy stuff some “gurus” promote. Glad to have found you.”

Deborah Carney

“Great and easy way to get people on your list”

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

“Genuinely cares about my success”

Customer Feedback

“I have to put locks on my wallet…” 😉

5Roz Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

I have to put locks on my wallet before reading Alice Seba's emails and/or posts!

Thank You Alice and Yusef for ALL that YOU BOTH do to help the rest of us – learn and be more productive and to JUST BE!

Roz Fruchtman

“High quality, easy to understand”

Customer Feedback

“I have such a big girl crush on your style of business”

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

“There's always a treasure trove of help for anyone looking to grow their business”

Customer Feedback

“I've been dying to learn how to do this”

1DeAnna Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

“Yassssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been dying to learn how to do this [adding patterns to coloring books].  I must bookmark this for later. I've already been up longer than I meant to be.”

DeAnna Troupe

“It is high quality, evergreen, and easy to use”

Customer Feedback

“If You Want Truly Exceptional PLR, Just get ANYTHING Put Out By Alice Seba”

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