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Stop Procrastinating & Get Going Checklist and Worksheet

Stop Procrastinating & Get Going Checklist and Worksheet

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This is a 2-pack of printables that include "Ways to Stop Procrastinating" Worksheet and Checklist. They come in docx and PDF format...and they're fully editable, brandable and yours to monetize.

Here are a few things the Worksheet covers:

  • Which tasks do you struggle to start or finish?
  • What is the true cause of your procrastination?
  • How can you turn negative thoughts into something more positive?

Here are a few things the Checklist covers:

  • Determine when you most procrastinate.
  • Consider how your choices are affecting others in your life.
  • Find an accountability partner.

Included in your Worksheet and Checklist package:

  • 2-page worksheet in .docx format
  • 2-page worksheet in PDF format
  • 1 -page checklist in .docx format
  • 1 -page checklist in PDF format
  • Tips for editing your content
  • Terms of use / license certificate

    Some things you can do with your worksheet and checklist

    • Use them as part of a course you create or add them to an existing course or training program.
    • Publish them as free downloads on your website, either freely available or for opt-in.
    • Build on the worksheet and checklist to create a larger workbook for sale.
    • Create a resource library for your subscribers or paid members and add these useful printables. 
    • Offer them as a bonus when signing up for a program or purchasing a product.
    • Edit the text and/or design any way you wish.
    • Add your logo, name and other branding as you wish.

    Understanding Your Private Label Commercial-Use Rights:


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