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Copywriting Guides + Swipe Files / Templates (with PLR)

Copywriting Guides + Swipe Files / Templates (with PLR)

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This Copywriting Template Pack includes an in-depth guide and a collection of swipe files / fill-in-the-blanks templates to help you and/or your customers learn the fine art of copywriting and persuasive writing. It's a critical skill for any online content publishing or product seller.

YES, Private Label Rights Use Included! Our Business-Building Templates come with PLR rights, so that means you can use them in your own business, but can also share them with your customers and clients, with our usual terms of use and license.

The Documents Included in this Package:

  • Copywriting Basics and Terminology Guide (19 pages): Learn or teach the art of copywriting with guide that teaches the terminology you need to understand to write persuasively. Each section explaining the terminology (ex. headlines, subheadlines, power words) includes a practical exercise to ensure the reader can apply what they've learned.
  • Conversational Art of Selling Guide (13 pages): This guide takes all the terminology in the main guide and show how it applies to ALL content, whether you are trying to get someone to pay attention to your blog post, video, social media post or even buy a product.
  • Headline Swipe File and Templates (3 pages): Fill-in-the-blanks headlines to get attention and getting your reader to continue to read your content, offer, product page, etc.
  • Preheadline Swipe File and Templates (2 pages): Grabbing and keeping attention is an art form...and preheadlines can help you reach your audience even more effectively than a headline alone. This swipe file includes 2-pages of fill-in-the-blanks preheadlines for you.
  • Motivating Phrases Swipe File and Templates (2 pages): Copy-paste and fill-in-the-blanks motivating phrases to get your readers to take action.
  • P.S. (Post Script) Swipe File and Templates (2 pages): Fill-in-the-blanks P.S.'s to get that attention back from someone who is about to leave your page and/or to give another reason to take action now.
  • 465 Power Word / Phrases Template Collection (7 pages): Certain words have power and make an impact on your reader and encourage them to take action or pay attention. Here are 465 of them you can copy and paste into your own content.
  • Price Justification Swipe file and Templates (2 Pages): Before expecting your potential customer to part with their hard-earned money, they need to understand the true value of what you're offering. These fill-in-the-blanks phrases collection will help you do just that.
  • 170 Transitions Templates Collection (7 pages): Transitions help your reader move from one section of your content / sales page to the next. They keep their attention and deepen their interest in what you have to say.
  • Flat and 3D Version of the Flat Cover Graphic in PNG format with Canva link.

Files Included in your printable journal package:

  • 2 copywriting and persuasion guides in .docx format
  • 2 copywriting and persuasion guides in PDF format
  • 7 swipe files and templates in .docx format
  • 7 swipe files and templates in PDF format
  • 3D graphic in PNG format
  • Flat graphic in PNG format with editable Canva template link
  • Tips for editing your content
  • Terms of use / license certificate

Using the Content for Your Business? Some Ideas for Using Your Content:

  • Print the worksheets and keep them in a business-building binder that you can refer to over and over again. 
  • Save the documents in a business templates folder on your computer, so that you can use them as you need.
  • Be sure to join us in the EKithub Facebook Group if you haven't any questions about implementing the templates in your business. We are always happy to help.

Sharing with Customers and Clients? Some Ideas for Using Your Content:

  • Use them as part of a course you create or add them to an existing course or training program.
  • Publish them as free downloads on your website, either freely available or for opt-in.
  • Build on the worksheet and checklist to create a larger workbook for sale.
  • Create a resource library for your subscribers or paid members and add these useful printables. 
  • Offer them as a bonus when signing up for a program or purchasing a product.
  • Edit the text and/or design any way you wish.
  • Add your logo, name and other branding as you wish.

If you plan to share the content, we've also included this useful extra with personal use only...

  • "How to Grow Business with Worksheets and Checklists" Insider's Guide. This guide helps you with:
    • 10 ideas for publishing your worksheets and checklists
    • Using worksheets and checklists to grow your list, including 8 ways to promote your free offer
    • How to turn your worksheet and checklists into a workbook for sale
    • How to turn your worksheet and checklist into a course for sale
    • How to turn your worksheet and checklist into a printables bundle for sale
    • How to get access to our complete and free email marketing course + templates
    • How to get ongoing help and support in using your content, creating products and marketing your business

Understanding Your Private Label Commercial-Use Rights:


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