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Free Traffic PLR - Build Your Free Traffic Templates

Free Traffic PLR - Build Your Free Traffic Templates

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This Build Your Free Traffic Templates pack includes 5 worksheets and 5 checklists to help you and/or your customers build traffic in your business.

Getting traffic CERTAINLY become more difficult with more noise online AND never mind all the self-serving algorithms working against you. If you need to create a more strategic free traffic plan, we highly recommend this practical traffic building package.

YES, Private Label Rights Use Included! Our Templates come with PLR rights, so that means you can use them in your own business, but can also share them with your customers and clients, with our usual terms of use and license.

The Documents Included in this Package:

  • Collaborations for Traffic Worksheet (2 pages): A proven way to get free traffic to your online store is to collaborate with other businesses in your industry. Use this worksheet to get started.
  • Collaborations for Traffic Checklist (1 page): Done right, collaborating with others online is an excellent way to get free traffic. Use this checklist to keep you on track as you connect with others to collaborate with. 
  • Using List Building to Get Traffic Worksheet (1.5 pages): Your list is the people who want to hear from you, buy from you and be connected with you. It’s also a great way to get free traffic. Use this worksheet as a guide for building your list to get traffic.
  • Using List Building to Get Traffic Checklist (1 page): One of the biggest mistakes online store owners make is not building an email list or not utilizing the one they have. Use this checklist to stay on track as you build your list.
  • Relevant Content Worksheet (2 pages): Writing content for contents sake is not the way to do it. Use this worksheet to plan out each piece of content you create to ensure it's relevant and traffic worthy
  • Relevant Content Checklist (2 pages): Using content in the right way is more important than quantity when it comes to getting targeted traffic. This checklist is designed to keep you on track as you prepare content.
  • SEO Worksheet (2.5 pages): Improving your website SEO is important for people to find your store. Use this worksheet to improve your onsite and offsite SEO.
  • SEO Checklist (1 page): To drive free traffic to your store, it’s important to be familiar and use SEO. This checklist will help you keep on track as you optimize your site and content for the search engines.
  • Traffic from Social Media Worksheet (2 pages): Social media is here to stay and if you use it correctly, it can be great for driving traffic to your website. Use this worksheet to help you determine which social platforms are right for your needs.
  • Traffic from Social Media Worksheet (1 page): Even if you hate it, social media is a great tool to have in your marketing bag for driving free traffic to your store. Use this checklist to keep you on track each time you post on social media.
  • Flat and 3D Version of the Cover Graphic in PNG format with Canva link. Useful if you want to share the content with your clients and customers.

      Files Included in your templates package:

      • 5 worksheets in .docx format
      • 5 worksheets in PDF format
      • 5 checklists in .docx format
      • 5 checklists in PDF format
      • Flat graphic in PNG format with editable Canva template link
      • Terms of use / license certificate

      Using the Content for Your Business? Some Ideas for Using Your Content:

      • Print the templates and keep them in a business-building binder that you can refer to over and over again. 
      • Save the documents in a business templates folder on your computer, so that you can use them as you need.
      • Be sure to join us in the EKithub Facebook Group if you haven't any questions about implementing the templates in your business. We are always happy to help.

      Sharing with Customers and Clients? Some Ideas for Using Your Content:

      • Use them as part of a course you create or add them to an existing course or training program.
      • Publish them as free downloads on your website, either freely available or for opt-in.
      • Build on the worksheet and checklist to create a larger workbook for sale.
      • Create a resource library for your subscribers or paid members and add these useful printables. 
      • Offer them as a bonus when signing up for a program or purchasing a product.
      • Edit the text and/or design any way you wish.
      • Add your logo, name and other branding as you wish.

      Understanding Your Private Label Commercial-Use Rights:

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