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33 Niche Mini Journal Templates - Get the Complete Canva Collection

33 Niche Mini Journal Templates - Get the Complete Canva Collection

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Why just grab one when you can save tons of time and money by getting all 33 of these Niche Mini Journal Templates - all fully-editable in Canva with private label, commercial-use rights. You'll $217 off the regular individual price...and can grab them all for one LOW price now.

The journal topics include:

  • Gratitude Journal Template
  • Dream Journal Template
  • Morning Pages Journal Template
  • Food Journal Template
  • Reading Journal Template
  • Travel Journal Template
  • Gardening Journal Template
  • Project Journal Template
  • Fitness Journal Template
  • Pregnancy Journal Template
  • Productivity Journal Template
  • Money Journal Template
  • Idea Journal Template
  • Self-Reflection Journal Template
  • Parenting Template
  • Mood Journal Template
  • Weight Loss Journal Template
  • Positivity Affirmation Journal Template
  • Prayer Journal Template
  • Goals Journal Template
  • Worry Journal Template
  • Summer Journal Template
  • Spring Journal Template
  • Winter Journal Template
  • Fall Journal Template
  • Christmas Journal Template
  • Ramadan Journal Template
  • Yom Kippur Journal Template
  • Wedding Journal Template
  • Birthday Journal Template
  • Baby Journal Template
  • Wine Journal Template
  • Movie Journal Template

Included in EACH Journal Canva Template package (33 packages total):

  • 5-page journal (including cover) with Canva Template link
  • 5-page journal (including cover) in PDF format
  • 5-page journal (including cover) in PNG format
  • The journal itself includes a cover graphic and 4 free writing pages that you can add your own custom prompts and instructions to.
  • 6 bonus page Canva templates that you can customize
  • 3D spiral bound version of the cover graphics (PNG format)
  • Tips for editing your content
  • Terms of use / license certificate

Extras and useful documents included in your package:

  • "Customizing Fonts and Colors of Entire Canva Documents" tutorial to make it easy to customize the templates to the look and feel you want.
  • "How to Grow Business with Short Reports" Insider's Guide. This guide helps you with:
    • 9 ideas for publishing your journals
    • Using journals to grow your list, including 8 ways to promote your free journal offer
    • Selling journals as a product and deciding between printable or printed/shipped journal products
    • Places you can sell your journals and get them printed
    • 10 promotion ideas for journals for sale
    • How to get access to our complete and free email marketing course + templates
    • How to get ongoing help and support in using your content, creating products and marketing your business
  • Tips for editing your content
  • Terms of use / license certificate

Some Ideas for Using the Canva Journal Templates:

  • Use the journal in your own personal use, share it with your family or use it in your classroom. Since you can edit it, it's a living document that allows you to evolve what you need from your journal as you delve deeper into the topic.
  • Print it out and bind it to create gifts for loved ones. You can even print within Canvas dashboard.

As a Business Owner, Ideas for Using the Canva Journal Templates:

  • Create a journal for a free opt-in offer to grow your mailing list.
  • Make a printable journal a digital download product for sale and your customers can print themselves. Sell them from your website, Etsy and more.
  • Make your journal a printed product that is shipped to your customers. You can have Amazon or other services ship them for you. Lulu, Blurb and other services can also print them for you.
  • Give a journal as a downloadable bonus to your customers. Add the bonus info to your sales page or earn extra points by surprising your customers later with an extra unexpected gift.
  • Ship a printable journal as a gift to your best clients. A beautiful journal is always a thoughtful gift. Add a note of encouragement for extra inspiration.
  • Create a course around your journal or add it to your existing courses and programs.
  • Offer it as a bonus for other people's product. Perhaps it's a product that you promote with an affiliate link or contact the seller directly to see if they'd like to add your product as a bonus for all their customers to expand your reach to new audiences.
  • Add it as a download in your membership site, providing instant value for your members.
  • Bundle it up with other planners or journals to create a value pack. Value bundles are always great sellers.
  • Customize it with your own quotes, special pages, writing prompts and more.

Understanding Your Private Label Commercial-Use Rights:

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