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300 Parenting Journal Prompts for Writing - Copy & Paste with PLR Rights

300 Parenting Journal Prompts for Writing - Copy & Paste with PLR Rights

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If you create journals, love to share journaling ideas...or even journal for yourself, this handy document includes 300 parenting journal and writing prompts that are sure to inspire. Everyone has their own writing style, so we've included a variety of short inspirational prompts...and longer prompts that provide more writing guidance. These prompts are available for personal and commercial use, so copy and paste away! 

You'll find 300 parenting writing prompts in each of the following categories:

  • 50 Parenting Techniques & Tips Prompts
  • 25 Child Development Milestones Prompts
  • 25 Family Health & Wellness Prompts
  • 25 Family Nutrition Prompts
  • 50 Parenting Challenges And Solutions Prompts
  • 25 Parenting Teenagers And Adolescence Prompts
  • 25 Parenting Style And Approaches Prompts
  • 25 Family Bonding And Traditions Prompts
  • 25 2-Word Parenting Prompts
  • 25 1-Word Parenting Prompts

Included in your parenting journal prompts package:

  • 300 journal prompts in PDF format
  • The same 300 journal prompts in copy-paste .txt file format

Extras and useful documents included in your package:

  • "How to Grow Business with Journals" Insider's Guide. This guide helps you with:
    • 9 ideas for publishing your journals
    • Using journals to grow your list, including 8 ways to promote your free journal offer
    • Selling journals as a product and deciding between printable or printed/shipped journal products
    • Places you can sell your journals and get them printed
    • 10 promotion ideas for journals for sale
    • How to get access to our complete and free email marketing course + templates
    • How to get ongoing help and support in using your content, creating products and marketing your business
  • Tips for editing your content
  • Terms of use / license certificate

Some ideas for using your prompts:

  • Use them in printable journals you create for sale.
  • Add them to printable journals you give away as gifts to join your mailing list.
  • Add them as writing inspiration to your personal development or writing membership site.
  • Make a printable cut out sheet of the various prompts that your customers can cut and put into a jar to inspire their daily writing.
  • Share a daily writing prompt on social media.
  • Add them to graphics you share with your branding.
  • Use them as your own writing prompts for your journal.
  • Use them as prompts for the writing you do for your blog, social media and more.
  • Start a journaling club to build a journaling practice for you and your members.

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