The Psychology of an Awesome Slide Show Presentation for Your Online Course

If you're making a slide show presentation for your online course, this video has the answers you need. Using our Canva course templates as an example, Alice walks you through structuring your slide show and what to include for the best learning experience possible.

Organizing Your Slide Show Presentation for the Best Experience

In the video, Alice walks through all the slides types included in our course workbook templates. The slide show into a logical sequence that you can align with your super simple course presentation. With decades of course creation experience, we've refined the process to make it as simple, but impactful to your customers as possible. It's also based on our Fast & Simple Course Creation Program that we invite you to take to fully immerse yourself in providing learning opportunities for your customers.

Here's an at a glance look at the slides we've included in our templates...

The slides are all easily customizable to your branding and needs. They include:

  • Slide Show Title Page: Our templates come with a generic topic, but the included niche guide will help you brainstorm specific hot selling topic. Topics that solve a very specific topic or share a certain technique are easiest to create and often capture the interest of people who urgently need help with something they're struggling with. You can also target your presentation to specific audiences like busy moms, medical professionals, that your course stands out from the generic course on similar topics. The video includes quite a few examples you'll find helpful.
  • Topic Introduction: Telling your audience why you chose your topic is important as it helps the audience connect with you and get a real sense that they are in the right place to learn what you have to teach.
  • Introduce Yourself: To further develop connection and the focus of your audience, it's important to introduce yourself. Include a photo (also appear on video where possible as well) and share something that shows your personality. But more importantly, share something about yourself that lets the audience know WHY they should be learning from you. You don't need to degrees or professional titles to teach a just need some type of experience or knowledge that makes you unique.
  • Topics to Be Covered: Giving your students and overview of what you'll cover provides a comfortable framework for them to participate and understand what's going to happen in the next hour or so. We always recommend keeping each session, as simple as possible...keep it to be an hour or so, so they can learn a lot of actionable stuff in that period.
  • Expected Outcomes: This is very important as it crystalizes exactly why they are there. When you're done, they'll be able to solve a problem or learn a new skills. This will keep them more focused and in the right mindset of accomplishing what you are teaching, which is a win win for both of you.
  • Where to Download Your Course Printables: Our course creation process always includes high value printables like checklists, worksheets, workbooks, templates, journals and more. First, a printable they can hold in their hand increases the perceived value boost value. But more importantly, printables are action-oriented and allow customers to take action on what you are teaching. And when they take action, they get more results. More results means they'll be come back for more and they'll tell their friends about you too. .
  • 4 Course Section Dividers + Course Content Slides: Keeping your presentation structured and in the order you promised in the "topics to be covered" slide makes it easy to follow along. It also gives you a good framework for creating your checklists, worksheets and other printables, because those should follow the sequence of the learning in the presentation as well. By having the section divider slides, you also create a short abrupt break to draw in the attention of students who have may lost focus. After all, they're sitting in their homes and it's easy to get distracted. This brings them back to you.
  • Class Recap: A class recap is important for a number of reasons, even if you feel like you're repeating yourself. First, it's helpful to those whose attention may have wandered elsewhere. It also reminds your students what they have learned, so if they missed any part of it, they can ask questions at the end of the presentation.  - so they understand what they learned...attention spans.
  • Homework and Action Steps - It's time to encourage your students to take action! Tell them what to do next (do the homework, sign up for another program, etc.). Because again, the more they take action and get results, the more likely they are to come back for more and tell others about you.
  • Q&A and Wrap Up: Always give your attendees and opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. It's a chance to make sure everyone understands the material and that they feel satisfied with their learning experience. Also, this part of the presentation is a great place for you to gather testimonials and promotions for your course. When customers give praise in the chat or on video, take note of it. Of course, ask for permission to publish if you're using their names, but this is GOLD...for you and your customers.

There's a good overview of making a learning-focused and action-oriented slide show presentation. The video includes some more details and we do recommend giving it a listen. Our slide show templates use Canva, so if you need some tips on Creating a Canva Slide Show Presentation...we recommend reading our blog post here.


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