How to Make a Morning Pages Journal

Whether you’re making a morning pages journal for yourself, as a gift or you want to sell money journals, this video gives you the tips and suggestions you need. Plus, using tools like Canva makes it super easy to create a journal for personal or commercial use…and fast. You can even use our templates to make it even easier.

What is a Morning Pages Journal and Why Would You Want to Keep One?

A morning pages journal is a daily practice of writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness thoughts, as introduced by Julia Cameron in her book "The Artist's Way."

People keep morning pages journals to clear their minds, tap into their creativity, and address personal issues, fostering self-discovery and artistic expression.

Morning pages are generally free writing pages without prompts, but one could build on the benefits of using morning journals by adding pages with weekly guided reflection or exploring new ideas and discoveries. You could also also include trackers for progress.  

You could add:
  • Stream Of Consciousness Prompts
  • Gratitude & Simple Pleasures Prompts
  • Current Challenges & Frustrations Prompts
  • Daily Growth & Inner Guidance Prompts

Or just keep it traditional and keep it blank with 3 pages per day.

If you want to learn more about making journal prompts, read or watch our journal prompt creation tutorial. Then, let's move onto making your journal.

How to Create a Morning Pages Journal Using Canva

Morning Journal Customizations

The video at the top of this page shows you how to edit your morning journal cover, by customizing fonts, understanding layers, adding text and images.

It also demonstrates creating a "30 Day Morning Morning Journal Challenge" to help your customers to get better results...and to use up their journal, so they buy more journals. Watch the journal for those demos and other journal customization tips.

Morning Journa Templates

To make it easier to get started, creating our own money journal for commercial or personal use, we have the templates to get you started.

Let us help make fast work of creating and publishing your morning journal to help you and/or your customers manage their financial future.

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