How to Create a Business Planner with Canva - Quick Tutorial + Template

Watch as Alice demonstrates how to create and customize an online business planner in Canva. You can create from scratch or use our PLR business planner (available for personal and commercial use), as demonstrated in the video. 

The Canva Business Planner Video Tutorial Covers:

  • How to create a business planner from scratch in Canva...or make it easy by using our business planner template.
  • Understanding what's most important in creating your business planner, so that it helps you grow your business, balance your priorities or do what is most important to you.
  • What kind of pages you can include in your planner to make it a useful tool.
  • How to understand all the editable elements of a Canva template
  • How to copy and replace sections of your Canva planner pages.
  • How to change fonts and colors...and apply to them to whole pages and entire documents.

An At-a-Glance Overview:

As a quick overview, here are some key points in the video (we recommend watching it for a full explanation and additional tricks and tips)...

Create from Scratch:

If you want to piece together and then customize your own business planner, you can choose to "create a design" in Canva and if you want it printable, search for "presentation" and choose an 8 1/2" x 11" design. From there, you can add and edit the various planner pages you'd like.

Customize with our Template:

Canva Business Planner Template

You can use our business planner template. You can use it in your own online business planning and it also comes with private label rights, which means you can share it with your customers too.

Understand Your Planner's Ultimate Purpose

In the case of our planner template, as an example, is is made for busy people who want to achieve steady and consistent results for their business, even when they're short on time. It defines 3 simple types of tasks they need to do each day to create business growth and also incorporates their personal schedule and self care needs to create a sense of work-life balance.

When creating your own planners, you should figure out what's important as well. What priorities are you trying to juggle or what are your customers trying to juggle...and how you can incorporate that into your planner.

The video walks through the pages we included in our planner template and ideas for customization, but at a glance...

  •  The instructions explain the 3 types of daily tasks every online business owner should focus on and includes lot of examples for the types of tasks they can do.
  • Then there is a task brainstorming sheet that makes it easier for the planner user to fill out the planner in detail.
  • There is a daily planning sheet that balances the need for the 3 business tasks, personal tasks, self care and reflection as well.
  • The weekly planner makes it easy to outline the 3 daily business tasks and important personal items for each day.
  • The monthly planner is a great place to record ideas for that month, personal priorities and important dates...then they can also use the monthly calendar to plot things out at a glance

Canva Tips for Customizing Your Planner

The video shows on-screen how to edit various elements of any Canva planner. It shows you specifically:

  • How to see all the different elements of any Canva page. You just click on the page, click "Position" at the top and on the left side, select "Layers". Here you can select certain items and reorder them, so they move in front or back of the item below.
  • How to copy, delete or move sections of your planner page. At anytime, you can select a single element on your page and copy it, duplicate it, delete it, etc. You just click your mouse to select it and do it. But, for example, if you want to select a group of items on your page like a bulleted checklist, so you can copy, delete or move the entire just have to drag your mouse over the are you want to select. Then you can move, delete or copy bigger sections of any page.
  • How to change one color to another in your entire document. In Canva, it's easy to select a text element of your planner and then change the color. If you want to change ALL items that are the original color, you'll see a box that appears at the bottom left that says "change all". If you select that, it will apply the color change to the entire document.
  • How to change the font on an entire page. If you select all the elements on a page (you can do this under "layers" or by selecting all with your keyboard, you can select a new font. You may have to do this page by page...or you can watch this video to apply a new font style to an entire document.
  • How to reorder, delete or add pages quickly. Under "grid view" which is the 4 boxes at the bottom right of your Canva dashboard, you can manage all the pages of your document. It's easy to move them, delete them or even copy in new ones from another template or design.

Canva is a handy tool that gets easier to use over the more you practice, the more little tricks you'll find. We'll also keep adding new tutorials to our YouTube channel, so feel free to subscribe and follow along there.

How to Get Our Done-for-You Canva Online Business  Planner Template

Why start from scratch, when you can just customize our business planner template template? Get the Canva business planner template here.

We're here to make it easy for you to create your own custom planners and let your amazing ideas shine!

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