How to Create a Canva Workbook

Making a Canva workbook? Watch the video for quick instructions and smart Canva tips. Using our Canva Course Templates as an example, Alice walks you through the ins and outs of creating and editing workbooks.

A quick review of what's included in the video:

  • Creating a Brand New Workbook: It's easier to just use our course templates, but if you're creating from scratch, we recommend selecting "journal" as the document type as it will give you lots of templates to choose from under "design" in the Canva dashboard. If you choose "worksheet", you'll find many of your options are children's school worksheets.
  • View All Your Pages at a Glance: Grid view, which can be found at the 4 squares at the bottom right of your dashboard, offers the opportunity to see all your pages at a glance. You can also easily drag and drop, insert pages and delete anything you don't want.
  • Changing Fonts and Colors Across Your Document: When you change the color or font in a Canva document, you will see an option to "Change All" at the bottom left of your screen, so you can update all elements of the same color or text in the same font all at once.
  • Adding New Pages to Your Workbook: You can find new template pages inside Canva under "elements" on the left side. You can also create from scratch and Alice shows you how to add and manipulate new shapes in your design. She also shows how to delete or move multiple elements on a page at once.

Organizing Your Workbook for the Best Experience

In the video, Alice walks through all the worksheet types included in the course workbook templates. Most Canva templates lack space for instructions, but we've included that so you can provide a quality learning experience for your customers. The workbook is also organized into a logical sequence that you can align with your course presentation.

There are likely more worksheet types than you need, but you can easily remove the ones you don't need. TIP: Don't worry about having a variety of types of worksheets in your workbook. Simply provide a useful opportunity for your customers to apply what they learn in your training. It doesn't matter much what it looks like...just that they are able to put what you teach into practice.

Here's an at a glance look at the worksheets and pages we've included in our templates...

Workbook Template Pages

The pages are all easily customizable to your branding and needs. They include:

  • Introduction and Instruction Page
  • About Me Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Module Page
  • 2 Styles Checklist
  • 2 Styles To Do List
  • Multiple Choice Quiz
  • Fill in the Blanks Page
  • Rating Page
  • Step Planning Page
  • Quadrant Brainstorming Page
  • Monthly Planner Page
  • Weekly Planner Page
  • Daily Planner Page
  • Journal Page

...making it easy to create a highly structured workbook to go with your course or as a stand alone product. If you'd like more help on creating a high quality workbook experience for your customers, check out our What to Include in a Printable Workbook Tutorial - it will give you more insight into structuring.

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