How to Customize a Canva Journal Template - It's Easier Than You Think!

Watch as Alice demonstrates how to create and customize a printable journal in Canva. You can create from scratch or use our PLR online business planner template templates (available for personal and commercial use), as demonstrated in the video. 

The Canva Planner Video Tutorial Covers:

  • How to add, delete and easily move pages
  • How to understand all the editable elements of a Canva template (including tips for using images that can be edited for specific color schemes)
  • How to change font styles and color palettes across all journal pages

An At-a-Glance Overview:

As a quick overview, here are some key points in the video (we recommend watching it for a full explanation and additional tricks and tips)...

How to Add, Delete and Easily Move Pages on Canva:

When you open your Canva Journal Template, go to grid view (at the bottom right of your Canva screen) and you can see all the images in your document. From grid view, you can move pages, delete them and insert new ones too.

How to See All the Editable Elements of Each Page

To see, the various elements on a page that can be edited, click on any single element and then choose, "Position" and then make sure "Layers" is selected on the left side. Then you can see all the images, text elements, backgrounds and more.

How to Edit Elements on a Canva Page

How to Change Font Styles and Color Palettes on All Pages in a Document

Under Design -> Styles you can select font styles and/or color palettes you'd like to apply to your design. When you click on a style, it will apply it to the select page. Then at the bottom of the screen, it will ask you if you want to apply it to all pages.

When you do choose to change an entire document by applying a new style, you should always review all your pages to ensure that the colors look right and all your elements line up correctly. Since different fonts vary in size, there will likely be adjustments needed.

Apply Font Styles and Color Palettes to a Canva Design

NEXT: Get Done-for-You Canva Journal Templates

Why start from scratch, when you can just customize complete journal templates? We have a variety of Canva Journal Templates you can see here.

They're in a variety niches and include some of the most popular journal types that people buy. If you'd like to know what kind of journals people love to buy, read our post, "28 Types of Journals - Popular Journals to Keep."

We're here to make it easy for you to create your own custom journals and let your amazing ideas shine!

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Prompt Creation Workbook


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  • Deciding on layouts for your pages
  • Designing your journal cover
  • Software for creating your journals

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